Urgent Spring Reminder…

Another beautiful day here up at the lake, and the forecast calls for a long stretch of warm weather to usher in a much awaited spring.

Before we all get terribly busy with our outdoor plans, I’d just like to offer a couple of quick reminders of two very important tasks that urgently need your attention.

The first applies to those members who have properties in the Township of Tudor & Cashel.  I urge you to make copies of the Township’s Electoral Ward Survey that was sent out with your interim tax bill this month.  Please fill these out and ensure every voting member of your family property fills one out.  You can send these back by email to the clerk@tudorandcashel.com

This Council has an indefensible record of doing, and NOT doing whatever it likes!  That’s why it is so imperative that we don’t let the few decide what is best for the many.  Please make sure to respond to the survey before the  March 29th deadline, and in time to send a clear message back to T&C Council before they meet again in April.

The second point is to remind all members who are dissatisfied with the current internet options on the lake, or the lack of options, to fill out the short survey provided by Northern Rural Networks (NRN).  A link to that survey can be found by clicking here.

Keep in mind that there is no commitment in proceeding with them, and for those who cannot justify an internet service at their seasonal property, it’s worth repeating that NRN offer very flexible suspension options for their services.

Regardless what internet provider ends up establishing a high-speed option here on Steenburg Lake, be aware that it is hugely important that we have an accurate representation of the level of interest in our community if we are ever to attract a service provider.  Whether that means a new competitor like NRN, or good old Ma Bell,  we need to let them know that there is a viable business case in expanding in our area!

Hope you have a great day.  Stay the course and stay safe… vaccines are on their way.

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