Locating and Using the Steenburg Lake AED

Steenburg Lake Details

1. Call 911. Tell them exactly where you are located (using your 911 address number) and explain the emergency.

2. If you suspect a possible Sudden Cardiac Arrest, you can tell the operator that an AED is located on the lake and someone is being dispatched to get it.

3. Have the casualty lay down with the head elevated slightly if possible.

4. Stay with the casualty and monitor for consciousness, breathing and pulse. If there is no breathing and no pulse, perform CPR.

5. If possible, have someone meet emergency responders at your driveway.

6. Contact the Stefanski’s at 702 Steenburg Lake North Road (613) 474-1284 and arrange for the quickest pick-up or delivery of the AED.

Be prepared. Watch the demonstration video now!!! Click Here.