Works crews busy around the lake…

It’s a sure sign of spring when you see signs of road crews out and about.  Driving in yesterday, I noticed that Limerick Township had recently done a great job of sweeping off all the winter sand along the North Road.

To those who may think that this is a practice better reserved for built-up cities, know that it’s an important measure to ensure safety and longer life out of our hard paved roads.

Nice job Greg Maxwell, Limerick Roads Supervisor and Fire Chief!  Please pass on our thanks to your diligent crew. 👍

Keeping with the theme of road work…  Nancy Carrol, Tudor and Cashel Township Clerk just advised me that there will be tree removal and clearing of debris taking place along Steenburg Lake South Road beginning next week and it may continue into the week of the 13th.

There will be heavy pieces of equipment working along the road. People using the road will need to use additional caution and expect delays. She said she will try to get a start and end time for daily activities to assist in scheduling.

And finally, just a reminder that Limerick will be holding their Annual Emergency Preparedness Day at the Limerick Community Centre on #620, east of Ormsby from 11 am to 1 pm on Saturday, May 4th (this weekend).

You may ask yourself, what do I need to know about emergency preparedness, but the simple answer is, “as much as you can!”

When a natural or man-induced disaster hits like the big wind  storm of 2023, or a wildfire that grows more and more likely year after year, it’s important to know what to do and how to mitigate the impact.  Besides, it sounds like it will be a blast!

Please let Cindy Fuerth – Limerick Fire Prevention & By-law Enforcement Officer know if you are coming so they can plan quantities accordingly.

Stay safe and enjoy the great early spring.

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