In the home stretch…

This certainly has been an exceptional and memorable  summer.  Despite some significant challenges such as the powerful wind storm that ripped through our lakeside community on the May long weekend.  Our members quickly gathered together to overcome the challenges and come back stronger than ever.

Though the fair weather and activities are nearing the end, there is still much left to do and be experienced as part of life in this amazing corner of the world. 

I’d like to cordially invite all members to take part in our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, September 29th.  Following last years format, we will be holding our meeting virtually using the Zoom platform with the assistance of our partners at the Federation of Ontario Cottager Associations (FOCA).  This will be an evening, weekday meeting in the hopes that more of you will be able to find the time to participate and have access to high-speed internet to support the video and audio of this meeting.

Please reserve this date and we look forward to seeing all at our AGM. 

You will receive an email invitation to join the meeting along with a link to our agenda and a copy of the draft minutes from our 2021 AGM meeting.  We ask that you review these minutes in advance of the meeting to familiarize yourself with the business last covered and to be prepared to accept or amend those minutes on September 29th.

There is much important and exciting news to share with you so we hope to see you all at our upcoming AGM.

If any of you know of a family member who is not comfortable with the practice of online meetings, please feel free to assist them in making the connection.  Alternatively, members may elect to appoint a proxy to represent them at the meeting by sending written notification (email or letter) to Membership@Steenburglake com in advance of the meeting.

See you at the AGM!

Storm Shirts available on Estore

Hello Members,

We recently received a limited supply of what we are calling ‘Storm’ T-shirts.  The supply received was provided to us at a discounted rate from the printer so we were able to offer them at a the same discounted rate.  The shirts were very popular and sold out pretty quick.

For anyone who is still interested in purchasing a ‘Storm’ Tshirt you can do so through the Estore.  Please note that shirts are now at regular cost but you can save on shipping by selecting to ‘pick up at lake’

Shirts will be available for pick up by Thanksgiving weekend

The link will be open until September 16th!  So please don’t delay.

A Minimum order is required to print – should we not reach that number you will be contacted.

From MemberZone click on Merchandise to access the estore link!

Thank You

A Big Thank You

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that paid their 2022 membership dues this week through e-transfer or Paypal.  I received over 40 payments after the Reminder Notice email went out earlier this week.

Electronic payments can still be made using our website link: Alternatively, cheques payable to SLCA or cash can be provided. These can be picked up or you can contact for my mailing address.

Enjoy your day, Lorie Butkus-Hill, Membership 


Reminder: SLCA Membership Fee 2022


The effects of the May 21st wind storm are still being felt around our lake. Many people are very busy and continue to work on clean up, repairs, re-building and resolving insurance claims. We are also dealing with increasing cases of COVID, again. It is for these reasons that our membership canvassers will not come out this summer making visits to speak with you and collect our $30 annual dues.

We encourage our owners to continue to be part of our Steenburg Lake community and appreciate payments being made electronically this year, if you can. We offer PayPal, e-transfer, cash or cheques.

Electronic payments can be made using our website link: Alternatively, cheques payable to SLCA or cash can be provided. These can be picked up (with masking in place) or you can contact for my mailing address.

The SLCA has been around for over 65 years and your continued support allows us to:

  • Provide you with an informative bi-annual newsletter covering current happenings in our community, great pictures, and local business sponsors,
  • Provide water quality and invasive species testing to make sure our ‘pristine’ water is kept healthy,
  • Provide proper water hazard markers in our lake,
  • Be part of the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations (FOCA),
  • Provide webcams so that you can stay connected to the lake, year-round,
  • Put in place the proper liability insurance, required by all non-profit volunteer organizations,
  • Have funds available, when necessary, to provide advocacy services and assistance in support of our community with local townships and all levels of government,
  • Manage our lake website at to keep everyone up-to-date, and
  • Have funds available to support member activities and events.

Thank you for your understanding, your support and enjoy the rest of your summer with family and friends.

Lorie Butkus-Hill, SLCA Membership Chair

SLCA LE Trail Update

To all SLCA members that have permits to use the motorized Land’escapes trail behind south road, please be aware that they are cleaning up the area and have a harvester and other heavy machinery on site until the end of summer.

Please take extra precaution, and access that trail only as permitted and at your own risk.

This is also a good time to remember to pay your annual SLCA membership

SLCA members needing a free permit can get the online at:

Half way through summer, and plenty more to come…

They say, what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger!  If that’s true, our community must be incredibly powerful by now.

The May windstorm has certainly left it’s scars on the lake. Many homes and cottages suffered significant damage, and our thoughts go out to all who are facing loss and the challenges of rebuilding.  Sadly, many of the big beautiful trees will take a generation to grow if replanted.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel our Artisan Show this year, and our musical friends in the band, British Invasion were unable to perform for us due to scheduling conflicts.  Hopefully we can have a more complete slate of events next year.

In the meantime, the Annual Photo Contest is still on.  If you were a winner last year and haven’t picked up your prize yet, contact Mel at

August 20th is our lake-wide yard-dock “garage” sale.  Post your offerings on the Steenburg Lake Facebook Marketplace

And for those looking to pick up some great new lake merchandise, contact Mel at the address above.

Stay tuned for more news, and have a safe and enjoyable time on the lake.

Two weeks later…

Had I known at the time of my last post, that our community was on the brink of a powerful, destructive, wind and rain storm, I might have titled it “Look out, here comes summer.” 😞

Two weeks after, we are still digging out of it, and probably will be for quite some time. So much destruction…  So many beautiful trees uprooted or sheared off.  Many will take another lifetime to regrow.

Still, despite all the damage and the loss, there were no reports of injuries, despite the power of this storm and the speed with which it hit.

Within hours, our community came together and helped one another, clearing roads and laneways, giving rides by boat or other vehicles and helping each other however we could and wherever required; sharing what we had and what was needed.

Yes the power was out for quite a long time, and for some who sustained damage to private hydro poles or masts, it is likely still out.  Hydro One workers, joined by other work crews from all around and even far away, worked tirelessly to clear downed trees, broken poles and fallen lines.  To them, we owe a great deal of thanks.

There is still much work to be done and for many, the loss may be staggering.  But we are a strong community and with support for one another, we will get through this, and come back even stronger than before.

Your SLCA is working on ways to try and assist in this massive  recovery effort.  Stay tuned for further news, and in the meantime, please be extra careful, especially around damaged trees or while using power equipment. Safety should always the top priority. Let’s not add to the trauma with unfortunate accidents and injuries. Be safe, and look out for one another.

Welcome back Summer…

Although summer technically doesn’t start until June 21st, the May long weekend has traditionally been considered the unofficial start to summer.  Certainly, judging from the weather today, that seems appropriate.

If you have opted to view or download your copies of the Shoreline News digitally, in full colour, and with all active links contained, you should already know that your SLCA Executive has been hard at work on many issues important to you and the lake.  If you still receive your newsletter in printed form, fear not, it is on its way to you.

You may have heard or seen that the water level on the lake this spring is a little lower than it has been for this time of year than it has in the past several years.  A bit more attention to possible new hazards is appropriate.  Your SLCA, thanks to our very own Keith Fletcher, tries very hard to identify those regularly occurring hazards around the lake, but this is always on a best effort basis and it remains the responsibility of all boat operators to pay careful attention to hazards and operate their vessel safely at all times.  If you are new to the lake, you may wish to familiarize yourself with a map of the lake showing the rock markers the SLCA maintains.  That map is available here.

If you have used your boat in a water body other than Steenburg Lake this year, you must clear, drain and dry your vessel and its trailer before reintroducing it to our lake:  It’s the law!

You should be aware, and we definitely want you to be aware, that some volunteers around the lake and your SLCA have been working to try and help loons successfully raise their young; something they have not been able to do for several years now.  This is the most critical time for loons as their nests can easily get swamped by fluctuations in water levels or by the wake of our boats, or abandoned simply because human traffic has ventured too close to have a look.  Stay well clear and keep your wake to an absolute minimum, well away from shore.

With that in mind, we encourage you to watch this excellent, short video to understand why it is so critical to be wake aware, and how to avoid creating these dangerous and damaging wakes.

On behalf of your SLCA Executive, we welcome you to a safe and fun-filled summer of 2022!  Hope to see you all at our many events.  Visit this website regularly for updates and news on what is happening around the lake.  Cheers!


Wireless Internet Update

The Rogers Communication tower near Trudy’s Place now has municipal concurrence. (Site C8513 at 652 Sutton Rd).
This initiative is part of the EORN project with the goal of delivering ultra-fast internet to homes and businesses in the region.
The logistics of an additional tower to provide the microwave tie-in are still in the works, and the SLCA is actively working with all parties.
The resulting services could mean 50MB wireless internet is available to our community as early as fall 2022.