SLCA Website Has a New Look

Your SLCA website has been redesigned to not only give it a fresh new look, but to support a wide range of platforms such as mobile devices.  It is also more secure and now provides a members only area.

One more perk for being an SLCA member.

Thank you Anthony for all the hard work.



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  1. Groundhog Day is also “World Wetlands Day!!!
    Steenburg Lake Shorelines need your Love 🌳 🌿 🪨 🪵🍁

    Did you know Canada is home to 25% of the world’s wetlands? In fact, there are approximately 1.29 million square kilometres of wetlands covering 13% of Canada’s terrestrial area!
    To celebrate World Wetlands Day (February 2) this year, Watersheds Canada has four free resources you can use to learn about the importance of wetlands and resilient shoreline areas.
    These resources offer valuable information for you to share with your family, neighbours, and local waterfront association or school club, while also outlining tangible steps you can take on your own property to protect the freshwater areas that are so important to your community.

    Things you & your family can do to promote your own healthy shoreline on Steenburg Lake 🤓

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