Fall 2023 Newsletter is out…

By now, you should have received your copy of the fall 2023 Shoreline News, or if you opted to receive it digitally, a link to the newsletter at:


Please note that a correction has been made on page 10.  The original Carpenter cottage, number 14 on the featured map, was incorrectly reported as belonging to Art Robinson and then Warren Robertson, but in fact, that cottage is currently owned by Robin Robertson, Art’s granddaughter.  Apologies for that error.

Also, if you haven’t yet reviewed the draft updated SLCA Bylaws mentioned on page 14 of the SLCA Bylaw-Draft-Final-R2(2023-10-30).  I would strongly encourage you to have a look, and please send any comments or questions you may have on the new proposed by-laws to: President@SteenburgLake.com .  Thank you.

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