Two weeks later…

Had I known at the time of my last post, that our community was on the brink of a powerful, destructive, wind and rain storm, I might have titled it “Look out, here comes summer.” 😞

Two weeks after, we are still digging out of it, and probably will be for quite some time. So much destruction…  So many beautiful trees uprooted or sheared off.  Many will take another lifetime to regrow.

Still, despite all the damage and the loss, there were no reports of injuries, despite the power of this storm and the speed with which it hit.

Within hours, our community came together and helped one another, clearing roads and laneways, giving rides by boat or other vehicles and helping each other however we could and wherever required; sharing what we had and what was needed.

Yes the power was out for quite a long time, and for some who sustained damage to private hydro poles or masts, it is likely still out.  Hydro One workers, joined by other work crews from all around and even far away, worked tirelessly to clear downed trees, broken poles and fallen lines.  To them, we owe a great deal of thanks.

There is still much work to be done and for many, the loss may be staggering.  But we are a strong community and with support for one another, we will get through this, and come back even stronger than before.

Your SLCA is working on ways to try and assist in this massive  recovery effort.  Stay tuned for further news, and in the meantime, please be extra careful, especially around damaged trees or while using power equipment. Safety should always the top priority. Let’s not add to the trauma with unfortunate accidents and injuries. Be safe, and look out for one another.

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