Welcome back Summer…

Although summer technically doesn’t start until June 21st, the May long weekend has traditionally been considered the unofficial start to summer.  Certainly, judging from the weather today, that seems appropriate.

If you have opted to view or download your copies of the Shoreline News digitally, in full colour, and with all active links contained, you should already know that your SLCA Executive has been hard at work on many issues important to you and the lake.  If you still receive your newsletter in printed form, fear not, it is on its way to you.

You may have heard or seen that the water level on the lake this spring is a little lower than it has been for this time of year than it has in the past several years.  A bit more attention to possible new hazards is appropriate.  Your SLCA, thanks to our very own Keith Fletcher, tries very hard to identify those regularly occurring hazards around the lake, but this is always on a best effort basis and it remains the responsibility of all boat operators to pay careful attention to hazards and operate their vessel safely at all times.  If you are new to the lake, you may wish to familiarize yourself with a map of the lake showing the rock markers the SLCA maintains.  That map is available here.

If you have used your boat in a water body other than Steenburg Lake this year, you must clear, drain and dry your vessel and its trailer before reintroducing it to our lake:  It’s the law!

You should be aware, and we definitely want you to be aware, that some volunteers around the lake and your SLCA have been working to try and help loons successfully raise their young; something they have not been able to do for several years now.  This is the most critical time for loons as their nests can easily get swamped by fluctuations in water levels or by the wake of our boats, or abandoned simply because human traffic has ventured too close to have a look.  Stay well clear and keep your wake to an absolute minimum, well away from shore.

With that in mind, we encourage you to watch this excellent, short video to understand why it is so critical to be wake aware, and how to avoid creating these dangerous and damaging wakes.

On behalf of your SLCA Executive, we welcome you to a safe and fun-filled summer of 2022!  Hope to see you all at our many events.  Visit this website regularly for updates and news on what is happening around the lake.  Cheers!


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