How blessed are we…

Wow!  There is so much talent around our lake…  Just imagine, not one, but two great concerts this month, featuring so many talented member of our community.  And all from the safety of our boats!

Thank you Josh Patrick and bandmates for your British Invasion show on August 15th (details to follow), and Fred Cotie and friends for another great Have-a- Dock Jamboree on August 29th.

Today would have been our Annual General Meeting.  Concerns over the ongoing pandemic have forced us to postpone and rethink how we might be able to accommodate such a meeting and conduct our necessary business.

In the meantime, Fred Cotie was kind enough to allow the SLCA a few minutes at the start of their show just to share a few announcement and information with our members.  Please plan to be a few minutes early (at least 3:45) and settled in, so we can start the concert on time.

And remember, donations towards the North Hastings Children Services would be so appreciated.

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