Covid-19 Update

Hello everyone,

It has been a considerable time since we last updated you.  We hope you are all doing well, particularly in these very difficult and uncertain days.

At this time of year as the days get longer, sunnier and warmer, most of us are probably thinking about our cottage properties, particularly as the events of the last couple of weeks likely have us looking for ways to occupy our time and isolate ourselves from potential infection.

Many of us may also be thinking, what better place to self isolate and practice social distancing than at the lake.  This past week, Limerick Township issued a notice about changes they were making and precautions they were taking in an effort to stem the spread of COVID-19 (see full message here).

Anthony Genovese quite correctly pointed out that those of us considering an early visit and stay at the cottage should be mindful not to impact these small rural communities unduly.  The obvious case being that anyone already diagnosed or presumed to be infected, should not be travelling anywhere, and should remain, quarantined at home.  If you are self isolating because of recent travel out of the country, you should also remain home.  

If you are otherwise healthy, and showing no symptoms, then a stay at the cottage might be a great option, as long as we all continue to practice social distancing and do not become a burden on local food stores and medical facilities.

Indeed, it is well worth considering that if there is even the most remote chance of possibly requiring any kind of medical attention, emergency or otherwise, it would probably be best not to seek that assistance in a rural setting like Bancroft which would not be equipped to handle a sudden surge of cases.  

An article featured this week in an email from Cottage Life, sums it up pretty well, but fails to mention the unintentional impact we may have on these small communities…  

Though normally merchants and area businesses would welcome our support, best to leave the limited resources of these small communities to those most in need of them at this time.  We can best help them through these difficult economic times by showing them our support once it is safe to do so.

If you do make the decision to take up residence at the lake in the next few weeks, please be considerate of others, and come fully stocked and ready for your stay.  Avoid the temptation of socializing with friends and neighbours whom we haven’t seen in many months, and if we do encounter one another, lets keep our safe distances while being supportive of one another in these difficult times. Do not help to import this contagion to these small, vulnerable communities.  “Walk to exercise, not socialize!”

Your SLCA have been working on a number of key initiatives and were already planning a number of exciting announcements for this coming season at the lake.  Rest assured there will be more information to come in the weeks ahead as we all grapple with the changing realities we now face in light of these unprecidented challenges.  Check your website regularly for updates and announcements and share information through social media like the Steenburg Lake Facebook group

Make sure we have your current contact information (mailing address, phone number and email address). Any updates should be directed by email to .

Please stay safe, stay calm and stay positive.  Be Steenburg Strong!

Pat Stallaert – SLCA President

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