Be Wake Aware! and other updates…

A magnificent summer is currently unfolding on Steenburg Lake.  Last Saturday we were treated to an amazing concert by the popular British Invasion band. It was a pleasure to work with the Lads to make this concert possible. A special thank you goes out to Brian Fraser of Adamson Systems Engineering for the loan of some pretty amazing sound equipment.  And remember, events like these are made possible by your membership fees in the SLCA.  If you haven’t yet made your payment this year, please do so at your earliest convenience.  Your $30 payment can be remitted online here  or contact to make payment by cash or checque.  Help be a part of this amazing waterside community!

September 4th, we will have the pleasure of another Have-a-dock Jamboree off the Coties’ dock.  This will once again be a benefit concert with donations being directed to the North Hastings Children Services.  More details on how you can make a donation to this worthy cause will follow shortly.

Our friends at FOCA, working with the Muskoka Lakes Association and the Safe Quiet Lakes organization have provided the following short video to help remind us all of the impacts our boat wakes can have on our lake, its wildlife, shorelines, other users of the lake and properties surrounding the lake.  We highly recommend everyone take a minute to view this video and be reminded of the impact they may be having…  

Don’t let the calendar fool you.  There is plenty of summer and fun to be had!  More events are planned so check back often to see what’s happening and how you can participate.

Have a great summer, stay well and stay safe!

Pat Stallaert

SLCA – President


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