North AED has a new home, sort of…


Effective immediately, the North AED unit and Naloxone kit have been relocated to 1035a Steenburg Lake North Road, the boat launch.  Selena and James have graciously agreed to host the unit going forward now that they live year round at the lake.  Signage has been moved to their driveway entrance and a larger sign is by the shore.

If you believe someone is experiencing sudden cardiac arrest, and may need the help of an AED, call 911 first, then call 905-441-3202 yo arrange pick up.

The South AED remains unchanged at the Hills home at 456 the South Road, and can be contacted at 905-716-5532.

Complete information on both AEDs can be found at:

The SLCA would like to thank Mike and Donna Cochrane for their years of hosting the North AED and their original efforts to secure a unit for the lake.  We’d also like to thank and acknowledge Carl and Mary Lou Stefanski for taking over the AED the last two winters. 

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