IsampleON Results – 2022

Hi everyone,

You may recall that we were chosen as one of 25 lake associations to participate in a pilot project called IsampleON by FOCA this past summer. This was based on a number of criteria, including being considered “at-risk” for invasive mussels and spiny water flea invasion. 

I am happy to report that we tested negative for both detection of veligers (mussels) and spiny water flea. It is also great to note that surrounding/nearby lakes such as Chandos, Cedar, Coe Island and Limerick lakes have also all tested negative for both species. This will help limit the risk of these invasive species entering our watershed.

The testing also measured calcium levels in the lake. This is an important factor to monitor as calcium levels above 25 mg/L prove to be a great environment for mussel survival. Our results show an average of calcium level of 23.14 which is still considered high, but other factors such as pH can help control survival rates.

The full report is here:



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