One year later…

Today would normally mark the unofficial start of summer and the time when many of us would  return in ernest to the lake and open up our seasonal cottages for the year.  But today is actually the one year anniversary of the powerful derecho wind storm that passed through and caused so much damage in our waterside community.

Looking out my window this morning, I’m reminded of all the damage as we still have plenty of clean up to do and there are now wide open spaces where before we enjoyed some beautiful mature trees.

I’ve heard repeatedly that there is nothing to worry about – that nature will mend itself and that new trees will gradually fill in the open spaces.  That may be true, but it will take a very long time to get there and it will only happen if we take care and precautions against another disaster like wild fires or unconstrained development.

 So instead of morning the loss of the trees we had, let’s take this opportunity to recommit to the protection of what we still have and will help to regrow for the next generations.

Have a safe and wonderful summer at the lake and hope to see you at our many great events this year!

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