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We’re very happy to be able to immerse ourselves in some “community obsession” at OSCON and gather input on where we should focus our efforts. After several years of attending OSCON as individuals, we are very happy to have AWS be a Diamond Sponsor this year, and to have the AWS logo on the OSCON conference T-shirt. In that example the variable $dynamic will either get google or not_googledepending on the user agent. The speaker also covered the split_clientsoption, which lets you apply a certain value to a variable based on percentages.

oscon 2017

Participation expects general programming knowledge but no Go language experience is needed. Time to flex your writing muscle—Rikki Endsley of Red Hat will share technical writing advice by repurposing some tips from Stephen King’s musings on writing. Rikki will take a deep dive into how, even if you’re not a technical writer, you can improve your own writing abilities to communicate with non-technical team members or the public.


In describing a architecture that is flexible and can support evolution Neal showed an architecture diagram using micro-services that allows for scalability and isolation of concerns and an API gateway to isolate any changes and support a more flexible design. Since InVision is actively implementing this sort of design, it was good validation that we are on the right path. He began with a comparison of several network protocols and their strengths and weaknesses for transferring large amounts of data. He compared across HTTP, UDP, gRPC unary, websocket streaming, and gRPC streaming.

This can then be used as part of your continuous deployment pipeline to validate the “fitness” of your application and that your changes have not hindered any important aspects of your application. Salesforce is a giant HBase shop so it’s always really interesting how they run something like that at scale. This talk was about Argus, the tool Salesforce uses for gathering millions of metrics which, naturally, uses HBase on the backend. The data structure it uses in HBase is defined by OpenTSDB, which I believe makes it compatible with the various OpenTSDB tools for data collection, like tcollector. It uses Kafka to queue ingest, which makes it extremely flexible and not as susceptible to the sort of back pressure you see in other solutions, especially 3rd party hosted solutions. To make the most of OSCON, it’s important to get lost and explore.


Get the latest news and information about JumpMind and our products. We are an open source software company specializing in data integration and replication. Data integration combines data from different sources to provide How to Become a Robotics Engineer From Scratch in 2022 a unified view of data. Engage our experienced training resources to gain in-house knowledge and expertise on JumpMind products. Integration consultants help design, develop and deploy an implementation of our products.

  • One of the projects coming is named Chronos which is a very tiny Golang library for managing the scheduling, logging and reporting of recurring tasks.
  • Open Camps hosts 40+ conferences per year across dozens of open source projects.
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  • Along the way, you’ll cover everything from how to design and build commands to working with and parsing flags, config files and remote config systems, and how to work with environment variables and 12-factor apps.

We were part of a “nonprofit pavilion” which consisted of eight or so tables, located between Open Campsand Operation Code. Open Camps hosts 40+ conferences per year across dozens of open source projects. Operation code aids military vets and their families learn coding and web technologies. Great talk around architecture patterns for supporting evolution of your application stack. As part of this Neal Ford discussed the idea of fitness functions. These fitness functions can rate or validate certain characteristics of your application architecture.

Get insightful engineering articles delivered directly to your inbox. I sure am, so I’m excited to see how Walmart has been using React to make leaps in speed and performance on their Electrode project. I still have fond memories of the first time I attended OSCON in 2006 in Portland, OR. Larry Wall talked about Perl 6, which wouldn’t end up being released for another nine years, and Guido van Rossum spoke about Python 3000. Leverage product engineers to resolve issues, fix defects and provide updates or patches.

We’re looking forward to meeting with users and contributors, sharing stories, and discussing the unique strengths of open source software. 10 inspirational keynotes, including Ying Xiong on the power of open source, Brian Behlendorf on re-building societal trust with blockchain technology and open source; and Dianne Marsh on the Spinnaker open source project at Netflix. This ended up being the most technical NGINX-related talk at the conference, which surprised me since NGINX is so integral to most ingress tiers in the container and VM space. Although the talk was specifically about content caching, which didn’t seem particularly sexy, it ended up being a very informative talk . One thing that was covered was using dynamic variables in NGINX. This is not a Fedora Ambasassdors’ event, but there will be Fedora presence at a booth sponsored by Red Hat for community projects.

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It provides us with an opportunity to both introduce FreeBSD to a new audience while reminding former users what they’ve been missing. To help attract booth traffic, I brought a Raspberry Pi 3, with a small LCD display attached. As a demo the Raspberry Pi showed a video of a Gource rendering of changes to the FreeBSD source tree over time . The demo brought a lot of folks to the table, asking about the video and the hardware. On Wednesday evening we’ll be attending a BoF session where we can have a bigger group discussion. Get the latest news and podcasts for developers in your inbox, every week.

oscon 2017

We make it super easy to keep up with developer news that matters. You may know me from helping to build the Go Language, Docker, MongoDB, and Drupal & creating Hugo, Cobra, and spf13-vim. Here I publish my thoughts on technology, open source, and life.

The most advanced data synchronization server for databases and file systems. A commerce platform that evolves the Point of Sale with a mobile-first, cloud-ready approach.

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Atomics on the other hand perform well, but are very complex to implement. Channels are the easiest to implement, but they do not have the flexibility of decoupling the producer from the consumer as they will eventually block. If your use case requires this decoupling, ring buffers are the best solution. The first day of OSCON begins with keynotes from Google, IBM, Netflix, Huawei, The Linux Foundation and The White House. OSCON keynotes are great to get a feel for how large the conference is each year, as well as get an idea of what themes to expect from speakers throughout the week. In particular, Netflix and The White House will be discussing their recent open source contributions and their overall approach to open-source software.

How do you create an organization that is nimble, flexible and takes a fresh view of team structure? These are the keys to creating and maintaining a successful business that will last the test of time. We have other open source projects in the hopper here at InVision. One of the projects coming is named Chronos which is a very tiny Golang library for managing the scheduling, logging and reporting of recurring tasks.

Take the time to learn something new, learn things relevant to your career, catch up with friends and make some new ones. The product developers can add features, enhance existing functionality or build support for new platforms. Brad, Doug and I took turns staffing the booth, and visiting other booths.

Damian Brady gave a talk on how Octopus Deploy decided to open source their deployment tooling as well as determining how much of the tools to open source. Since I work on the deployment tools at InVision and we are also in the process of open sourcing some of our internal projects I was especially interested in this talk. OSCON is where the open source community gathers to share new techniques, best practices, and discuss the future of open computing. Open source is found in every part of the technology stack and is focusing on solving real-world problems.

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